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Pokémon Go has basically conquered the world at this point, dominating weird news and Twitter every day since its launch, but it’s not the only Pokemon game coming this year. The 3DS will see the launch of the seventh generation of Pokémon with November’s Pokémon Sun and Moon. Coming out worldwide on November 18, the game takes players through the Alola region in the search of becoming the very best, like no one ever was. And you can bet the Hawaii-like world of Pokémon Sun and Moon is full of new Pokémon.

As of this writing, dozens have been announced by the developers, from powerful legendaries to mysterious starters to the most common of insects. There have been so many, it’s easy to lose track of all of them, so let’s put them all in the same place. And why don’t we start with the pocket monsters announced with just ? That includes the final evolutions of Pokémon Sun and Moon starters and some almost legendary beasts…

Confirming the Leaked Monsters

UB-03 Lighting

Pokemon Sun and Moon New Monsters

This imposing Ultra Beast is Lighting. Surprise, surprise — it’s an Electric-Type. But that’s all we know about this alien creature, because Pokémon Company has released no other details. Guess we’ll find out when we play.

UB-05 Glutton

Pokemon Sun and Moon New Monsters

This hungry Ultra Beast is smartly named Glutton. As you’d guess, this massive Ultra Beast eats any and everything in front of it, including rocks and garbage. Not only that, but it produces no waste. What could create such a terrible monster?

Alolan Diglett and Dugtrio

Pokemon Sun and Moon New Monsters

This Alolan variation is quite a makeover for these first generation monsters. Diglett and Dugtrio have nice new coifs, though the hairs are actually metallic whiskers. That explains their new typing of Ground/Steel. Both monsters live in Alola’s volcanic areas, even seen as godly representatives of an oncoming volcanic eruption.

The Full Roster Leaked?

October 18 was just supposed to be the day that the Pokémon Sun and Moon demo came to the 3DS eShop. It turned out to be much more than that thanks to hackers. The demo is a fun little preview of the full game, but it also came with a bunch of unplanned data. Namely, models for every single Pokémon in the game. Many of these unannounced new monsters were posted all over Reddit and social media, so if you don’t mind SPOILERS take a look below.

Pokemon Sun and Moon all the new monsters

When these folks get official names and stats, we’ll be sure to update this list with the info. Until then, let’s take a closer look at all the officially revealed new monsters.

The Starters


Pokemon Sun Moon New Monsters

As has been the case since the very first Pokémon game, you begin Sun and Moon given the choice between a free Starter monster that’s either Water, Fire, or Grass type. Popplio is the adorable, seal-looking Water-type that hasn’t been the most popular online. He’s admittedly a little goofy, but it’s best to reserve judgement until you see Popplio’s third form.


Pokemon Sun Moon New Monsters

The Fire-type Starter on Sun and Moon, Litten, is a bit more popular on social media, and that’s not shocking given how much Twitter and Facebook love cat videos. Given that one of the Legendaries looks like a lion already, who knows what Litten’s final evolution could be. A giant, badass fiery tiger?


Pokemon Sun Moon New Monsters

Finally, we’ve got the Grass-type and certainly the classiest Starter, Rowlet. Given the appearance of a barn owl, it’s hard not to love his mix of blank eyes, round shape, and adorable green bowtie. But just how intimidating will Rowlet’s final version be? Or will he just be like a stately, olde timey butler?



Rowlet’s first evolution is the dapper Dartrix. This second form comes with some very fashionable plumage, as well as some razor feathers that it then throws at unsuspecting enemies. Though don’t let its appearance fool you, as Dartrix is also known to be a bit clumsy if not properly trained.



Popplio is one of the more divisive monsters in the new set, and the general consensus is its second evolution doesn’t look much better. Brionne is known for its poise and dancing abilities, using both to help it imitate the moves of its opponents. Brionne is certainly a happy looking Pokémon, but will that positivity carry over to its third evolution?



Last but not least is Litten’s evolution, Torracat. The pure Fire-Type blasts flames out of the pouch on its neck, burning opponents with ferocity. Not only that, but its front paws can also lay down fierce punches even in the dark thanks to its night vision. How much tougher will this feisty feline get in its final form?


Pokemon Sun and Moon Starters Evolution

Let’s start with Rowlet’s final form. This dapper looking Decidueye is a mysterious Grass/Ghost Dual-Type. Its hooded look with the leafy accessories makes


Pokemon Sun and Moon Starters Evolution

This looks like a future world champion right here. Incineroar is full of fighting spirit and moves inspired by professional wrestling, including its signature move and flaming belt. This Fire/Dark Dual-Type also feeds off the excitement of its audience when deep into action.


Pokemon Sun and Moon Starters Evolution

Look at this Water/Fairy Dual-Type. It’s regal AF. Primarina might not be as tough looking as the other starters, but that doesn’t mean isn’t just as destructive in battle. Primarina is famous especially for its dancing skill and explosive water balloons.

Legendary Pokemon


Pokemon Sun Moon New Monsters

We’ll begin our look at the new legendary Pokémon with both of the cover stars of Sun and Moon. As you’d expect based on the title, one is influenced by the power of the sun and the other by channeling the moon. Solgaleo is the imposing solar lion, an intriguing Dual-type of Psychic and Steel. Solgaleo can also shift into a Radiant Sun phase that makes the already powerful Pokémon even more imposing.


Lunala Pokemon Sun Moon NewMonsters

On the other side of the coin of Solgaleo is Lunala, the Psychic/Ghost-type legendary that represents the power of the moon. Referred to as “The beast that calls the moon,” Lunala is designed as a clever mix of the round, full moon along with wings that evoke crescent moons. It looks great on the cover of Moon, but you’ve got to choose wisely, because if it’s anything like previous generations, you only get one or the other based on the version.


Pokemon Sun Moon New Monsters

As in the past, this edition of Pokémon doesn’t limit legendaries to just the cover mascots. Magearna was first introduced in the newest Pokémon animated film, as a Steel/Fairy-type that was artificially created centuries ago and is now returning to the world, ready to be caught by new trainers. Who knows how powerful it’ll be, but it’s a great design that evokes both metal and a fancy dressed socialite.

Tapu Koko

Pokemon Sun Moon New Monsters

Though not officially a legendary, Tapu Koko is certainly a unique monster joining the series. It’s shape and design certainly evokes the Polynesian setting of Sun and Moon, with Tiki coloring and markings, making it a bit like the mascot of the Alola region. Also unique is that Tapu Koko has two unique forms it can shift through during battle. But what else is hiding behind this eye-catching island design?

Tapu Lele

Pokemon Sun and Moon Starters Evolution New Monsters

Alongside Tapu Koko, there are three other Alolan Guardian Spirits that trainers will have to defeat in Sun and Moon. Tapu Lele is the protector of its island and uses deceptively vibrant, but very powerful Psychic attacks.

Tapu Bulu

Pokemon Sun and Moon Starters Evolution New Monsters

Meanwhile, Tapu Bulu protects its island with a Dual-Type of Grass/Fairy. It’s best qualities are the ability to manipulate vegetation and a calm visage that gives opponents a false sense of security.

Tapu Fini

Pokemon Sun and Moon Starters Evolution New Monsters

Then there’s Tapu Fini. This Alolan protector is a Water/Fairy Dual-Type that creates pure water that’s great for the mind and body. This Pokémon also isn’t a fan of people that it senses have bad intentions.

The Ultra Beasts


Pokemon Sun and Moon New Monsters

This is easily one of the strangest new monsters added to Sun and Moon. UB-01 is the first of the new Ultra Beast class of Pokémon revealed for the game, and little is known about it, implying it could be a big part of the story. Though will the higher numbers be separate Pokémon or just Ultra Beast evolutions?

UB-02 Absorption

Pokemon Sun and Moon Ultra Beasts New Monsters

The second of the Ultra Beasts comes in two different flavors depending on the version you play. Pick up Sun and you’ll encounter UB-02 Absorption, a hulking creature with a strong punch and a diamond hard nose. Its motivations aren’t clear yet, but it’s first seen battling Totem Pokémon Tapu Koko, so i doubt its intentions are good.

UB-02 Beauty

Pokemon Sun and Moon Ultra Beasts New Monsters

Meanwhile, if you’re playing the Moon edition you’ll run into a totally different (though still mysterious) Ultra Beast. UB-02 Beauty has similar motivations and also attacks Tapu Koko, but this more feminine model is more invested in speed and grace than raw strength. It’s also said that many Pokémon fall in love with this Ultra Beast the moment they see it, a definite advantage in battle.

Alola Variations

Alolan Meowth

Pokemon Sun and Moon New Pokemon

Just when you thought you couldn’t love Meowth more you meet his Alola version. This variation on the first generation classic switches Meowth to a Dark-type with a much more relaxed demeanor than your standard Meowth. Does this one evolve into a Dark-type Persian? It sure does.

Persian (Alolan Form)

Pokemon Sun and Moon Starters Evolution New Monsters

I don’t want to say the Alolan Form Persian looks a lot like Garfield, but just look at it. The Dark-Type feline may be more tropical, but it really looks like it loves lasagna and hates Mondays. Whether Jim Davis feels ripped off or not, this is many folks’ favorite Alolan form they’ve seen so far.

Alola Rattata

Pokemon Sun and Moon New Monsters Rattata Alola

One of the most common (and least liked) original Pokémon is getting a snazzy island update. Alola’s Rattata became much more nocturnal than his classic counterpart, making him a Dark/Normal Dual-type. And they’re bossed around by Alolan Raticate.

Alola Raticate

Pokemon Sun and Moon New Monsters

After seeing the Alola version of Rattata, now it’s time to look at its chubby-cheeked evolution. Alola Raticate is known to eat much more food than the typical Raticate, those explaining its husky appearance. Also, they’re known to have terrific sense of taste, and have even been known to be used to test ingredients at restaurants. Yup, Sun and Moon is following the plot of Ratatouille.

Grimer and Muk (Alola Versions)

Pokemon Sun and Moon New Pokemon Monsters Alola Grimer Muck

Even piles of goop and garbage look different in Alola. The Alola forms of first generation classics Muk and Grimer have a special rainbow coloring. These trashy beasts were imported to eat garbage around Alola, and that special diet gave it a new coloring. Both are known for constant hunger and for gaining Dark-Type attacks in their new environment.

Alolan Raichu

Pokemon Sun and Moon New Pokemon

The Alola Island’s feature a carefree and much cuter look for old Raichu here. This version is now an Electric/Psychic dual-type, and it’s surfing around on its tail, perhaps as a reference to the fabled Pikachu that knows Surf.

Alolan Marrowak

Pokemon Sun and Moon New Pokemon

The spooky, combative Marrowak gets a whole lot scarier in the Alola region. And it has ditched its Ground-type to become a Fire/Ghost dual type. Does the Alolan Cubone look just as spooky?

Alolan Vulpix and Ninetales

Pokemon Sun Moon New Monsters

One of the more fascinating additions to Sun and Moon are the new Alola region versions of classic Pokémon. These beasts are found only in Alola and offer up unique variations on iconic monsters. Just take a look at the Alola forms of Vulpix and its evolution Ninetales. These fox-like Pokémon have always been Fire-Type, but in Alola, they’re Ice or Ice/Fairy, meaning they look and play very differently this time around.

Alolan Sandshrew and Sandslash

Pokemon Sun Moon New Monsters

These mouse-ish Pokémon are normally found in deserts, but Alola islands place these monsters closer to snowy mountains, which has a big effect on both Sandshrew and Sandslash. Both have gone from their traditional Ground-Type to a combination of Ice and Steel. Also, just like Vulpix and Ninetales, these two icy variations come with the ability Snow Cloak.

Alolan Exeggutor

Pokemon Sun Moon New Monsters

Wow, here’s one first generation Pokémon that went through a bit of a growth spurt. When in the Alola region, Exeggutor has gone from a six-foot tall Grass/Psychic-Type to a 35-foot tall Grass/Dragon. And now Exeggutor now has a fourth head on its tail, which is a pretty odd variation from region to region.

The Rest


Pokemon Sun and Moon Starters Evolution New Monsters

If we had to guess, Cosmog looks to be the cute and extra-rare monster of Sun and Moon. It was only recently discovered by the Aether Foundation, and its friendly nature hides a mysterious power. Think you’ll find a Cosmog in the campaign?

Grubbin, Charjabug, Vikavolt

Pokemon Sun Moon Grubbin Charjabug Vikavolt

These are the only complete evolutionary line in Sun and Moon, so let’s just group them together. Grubbin is the simple, weak larva form that it’s born as, it then becomes a Bug/Electric-type Charjabug that looks a bit like an insect bus, and then Vikavolt is the final form, a metallic Bug/Electric with plentiful incisors.


Pokemon Sun Moon New Monsters

Want the regal gate of a clydesdale horse mixed with the grittiness of a mud puddle? Then say hello to Sun and Moon‘s newest Ground-type, Mudsdale.

Wishiwashi (Single Form)

Pokemon Sun and Moon New Pokemon

This dopey little minnow looks pretty derpy, like the Sun and Moon equivalent of Goldeen. And when you see Wishiwashi in its single form, there’s little cause to worry. However…

Wishiwashi (School Form)

Pokemon Sun and Moon New Pokemon

When a Wishiwashi reaches a certain level it takes on its School form, meaning a bunch of Wishiwashis come together Voltron-style to make a much more powerful fishy attack.


New Pokemon Sun and Moon Alola Raichu

Not gonna lie, this Water-type seems pretty gross and useless. In-game Pyukumuku are supposed to be tossed away or ignored whenever possible, a garbage beast that’s better left ignored. Although its ugly Innards Out ability allows it to puke up its guts in a powerful kamikaze attack, so it’s not entirely useless.


Pokemon Sun and Moon New Pokemon

This fiesty fellow has to be a first for the Pokémon series. Crabrawler is a Fighting-type shellfish who’s known on Alola for its tenacsious figher’s spirit, and for hisreportedly delicious meatfrom claws that fall off in battle.


Pokemon Sun and Moon New Pokemon

Who would’ve thought that Bewear could get even cuter in his pre-evolved form? Stufful looks like a walking plushie, though it’s a decidedly strong fighter for it’s small stature.

Sandygast and Palossand

Pokemon Sun and Moon New Pokemon

Now here’s quite a pair of new monsters out there. These two haunted sandcastles are found on the beaches of Alola, with Sandyghast as the first form which reportedly possesses anyone who touches its shovel. The more powerful Palossand is known for getting stronger when it absorbs water attacks, and also is known for catching smaller Pokémon in its mouth and sucking out its life force.


Pokemon Sun Moon New Monsters

This snapping turtle lookalike seems like a really intimidating mid-level Pokémon. Turtonator is a Fire/Dragon dual-type with a spiky shell and very rough looking headpiece, and he has an impressive ability called Shell Armor. When hit with a physical attack, he then retaliates with an intense attack back at them.


Pokemon Sun and Moon New Monsters

If you’re a big rugby fan, then you might want to pick up Pokémon Sun to get this exclusive monster. Passimian is a Fighting-Type that’s known for working in teams of 10 who are known for tossing berries at opponents in battle. Also, its Receiver ability lets it inherit an ally’s ability when it faints, which could be very useful in a heated battle.


Pokemon Sun and Moon New Monsters

Unlike his sportier counterpart in Sun, Pokémon Moon includes a more thoughtful ape in the form of Oranguru. A Normal/Psychic Dual-Type, Oranguru is kind, gentle Pokémon that resides in the forests of Alola, with abilities that focus on peace and flexibility. Also, if you look closely you’ll see that its leaf fans are bound together with its special purple fur.

Lycanroc (Midday)

Pokemon Sun and Moon New Monsters

Evolved from Rockruff, one of Sun and Moon‘s most adorable additions, Lycanroc is a complex beast. If you evolve Rockruff in Pokémon Sun, you end up with Lycanroc’s Midday Form. This Rock-Type creature comes with a couple nice abilities, and is known for its agility and speedy move set.

Lycanroc (Midnight)

Pokemon Sun and Moon New Monsters

Meanwhile, evolving Rockruff in Pokémon Moon gets you Lycanroc’s Midnight Form. It’s a more savage look than Midday, reminding you of classic werewolves of pop culture. This Rock-Type has similar abilities, but is also known for very powerful counterattacks. You wouldn’t want to meet one of these at midnight.


Pokemon Sun and Moon New Pokemon

What a cute little pile of glowing shrooms. Morelull is a Grass/Fairy type that lights up the darker parts of the Alola region, and it gets around on its cute, leg-like roots. And be sure to watch out for its dangerous spores.


Pokemon Sun Moon New Monsters

Bruxish isn’t the first Water/Psychic Dual-type, but it might just be the most stylish. Though that mischievous grin is a tad disconcerting.


Pokemon Sun Moon New Monsters

Jeez, what a grumpy Normal-type. Yungoos might be based on cute, slinky mongooses, but those teeth are way more unfriendly.


Pokemon Sun Moon New Monsters

Cutiefly looks like one of those nonthreatening Bug/Fairy-types you meet in the first areas of the game. Expect to battle way too many of these adorable jerks.


Pokemon Sun and Moon New Pokemon Monsters Ribombee

This adorable evolution of Cutiefly is Ribombee. The Bug/Fairy Dual-type is known for being friendly and collecting nectar all around Alola. That same nectar can also produce Pollen Puffs, a gas that can paralyze or knock out enemies. Also, like most bugs, Ribombee hates being rained on.


Pokemon Sun Moon New Monsters

Who knows about its offensive qualities (probably not that great), but you’re going to want to catch Komala as soon as possible. Seriously, what’s cuter than a sleepy Normal-type koala?


Pokemon Sun Moon New Monsters

Sandalit is a Poison/Fire-type Pokémon that looks like he’s hiding something. What’s with the wry grin and half-closed eyes? What do you know that we don’t?


Pokemon Sun and Moon New Monsters

Aw, what an adorable little Pokémon. Another in a long line of cute-yet-tough Dragon-Type monsters, Jangmo-o is always training to be stronger and uses that heart-shaped headpiece for defense and offense. You’ve got to wonder just how strong his potential evolution might be.

Hakamo-o and Kommo-o

Pokemon Sun and Moon New Pokemon Monsters Hakomo-o Kommo-o

Some fan favorite Pokémon of past games are butt-kicking dragons, and Hakamo-o and Kommo-o look to continue that tradition. These are the second and third evolutions of Jangmo-o, both are equipped with tough, scaly armor that protects it during its wild, dance-like attacks. Kommo-o is known to unleash attacks that can change the landscape of the where it’s fighting. Expect to see a lot of these guys from late game players.

Type: Null

Pokemon Sun and Moon New Monsters

Type: Null might be listed as Normal-Type, but nothing about this new beast looks all that normal. This heavily armored combatant is apparently the creation of Alola scientists, and meant to recreate a powerful, lost Pokémon. That’s got to mean that Type: Null has to be fairly powerful on its own, right?


Pokemon Sun and Moon New Pokemon Monsters Silvally

The evolution of Type: Null, Silvally looks like a rough customer. Poké-fans might notice some similarities to the Legendary Arceus. That includes Silvally’s ability to switch between all types in battle, a very good skill to have. It seems its evolution happens through the storyline, as it transforms when Type: Null’s restrictive mask is removed.


Pokemon Sun Moon New Monsters

Are we looking at the next Pidgey here? Pikipek is a Normal/Flying-type that certainly looks like it’ll appear early in the seventh generation Pokédex.


Pokemon Sun Moon New Monsters

Some of the best oddball Pokémon are the ones who look like they’re always cosplaying as a different animal. Seriously, just look at Bewear without enjoying the weird appearance of this Normal/Fighting-type.


Pokemon Sun Moon New Monsters

Don’t you just want to scratch Rockruff behind the ears? Well, be careful, because he’s a Rock-type, meaning you’ll probably hurt your fingers scratching him before this little puppy feels anything.


Pokemon Sun Moon New Monsters

Wow, those are some impressive eyebrows on Drampa. This Normal/Dragon-type looks like a hairy little fellow, but could it evolve into the dominant new dragon of this generation?


Pokemon Sun Moon New Monsters

The just-revealed Mimikyu is taking the Pokémon world by storm as an early favorite among the community. Despite looking like a poorly constructed Pikachu puppet, Mimikyu is actually a mysterious Ghost/Fairy-type.


Pokemon Sun Moon New Monsters

Togedemaru is giving Rowlet a run for its money in the competition for the most adorably round new Pokémon. Though is the Electric/Steel-type anywhere near as powerful as it is cute?


Pokemon Sun Moon New Monsters

Could this new Bug/Water-type be even more pitiful than Magickarp? That remains to be seen, but you’ll definitely want to catch Wimpod, if only to try and cheer up this sad new Pokémon.


Pokemon Sun Moon New Monsters

Bounsweet is officially a Grass-type, but it looks more like a Yum-type, meaning you just want to eat a dozen of them in one sitting. Though can this small fruit grow into a powerful tree later in Sun and Moon?

Steenee and Tsareena

Pokemon Sun and Moon New Pokemon Monsters Steenee Tsareene

Check out the grace of Steenee and Tsareena. The evolutions of Bounsweet, these Grass-Type Pokémon both take inspiration from the skill and power it takes to be a ballerina. Steenee is known for its tomboy personality and very strong kicks. Those attacks get even stronger when it evolves into Tsareena, who is known to kick the crap out of folks threatening weaker Bounsweets.


Pokemon Sun Moon New Monsters

And here’s yet another new Pokémon that evokes the Hawaiian setting of Sun and Moon. However, while you might think Comfey is a Grass-type because it’s shaped like a flower garland, it’s actually a Fairy-type.

Oricorio (Baile, Pom-Pom, Pa’u, and Sensu Style)

New Pokemon Sun Moon Monsters

Oricorio is a new Pokémon that’s very tied to the four islands of the Alola region. The dancing bird is different for each spot, and with Flying at its base. Baile Style has a fiery flamenco style to ignite enemies in battle, Pom-Pom brings the electric energy of a cheerleader, Pa’u uses hula dancing to create Pyschic attacks, and Sensu has a more controlled dancing style that brings on Ghost attacks. And they all have the special move Dancer that copies the dancing buffs of other monsters.

Fomantis and Lurantis

Pokemon Sun Moon New Monsters

Here are a couple new Grass-Types coming to Sun and Moon, and we get to know both forms from the start. Fomantis is a tough little dynamo capable of Solar Beam and Leaf Guard, and it evolves into Lurantis, a combination of plant and mantis and a tough customer that’s the Totem Pokémon of the Lush Jungle area.



Every pocket monster has to start somewhere, and before evolving into the powerful Mudsdale, it starts out as the Ground-type Mudbray. The cute little donkey can grow into quite a competitor, though let’s hope it doesn’t get too stubborn in battle.


New Pokemon Sun Moon Monsters

The evolved form of Yungoos takes that little frown and turns it into the sneer of a daunting predator as Gumshoos. Equipped with the skill Strong Jaw, these tough little guys at least look like they’ll be trouble in tall grass for moderately skilled trainers.


Pokemon Sun Moon New Monsters

Minior is another of the seventh generation Pokémon that comes in multiple forms. The Rock/Flying-type has a tough body, but even more interesting is the Shields Down ability. Based on the type of attacks it absorbs, Minior drops its rocky outside to reveal a different colored core that helps it pull off new moves in battle.

Those are all the Sun and Moon Pokémon for now, but be sure to check back on this article, as Fandom will be updating it every time a new Pokémon is announced!

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