‘Riverdale’ Season 3 Promises Core 4 Getaways & a Mysterious New Cult

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Riverdale Season 3 is upon us, which means more romance, more drama, and more cults! Seriously. This show loves to push the envelope and a new clip released at San Diego-Comic Con proves that something wicked this way comes. Riverdale’s Comic-Con panel also revealed that a new musical episode was on its way!

Let’s jump into the clip and some of the news that came out of the panel.

Riverdale Recap

The recap featured our main characters: Archie, Betty, Jughead, Veronica, Josie, Cheryl, and Kevin and showed each character’s journey over the last two seasons. Archie was named student body president, Veronica gained independence from her parents, Betty and Jughead fell in love, Cheryl found friendship and love with Toni, and the Black Hood made everyone’s lives hell.

You can see the recap and the new footage here:

Riverdale Season 3

So let’s break down this new footage:

  • Archie is still restoring the old car with his dad
  • Summer is over, so a time jump has taken place
  • The core four is still going strong
  • The four plan a Labor Day getaway
  • Polly has moved back home with the twins
  • Polly and Alice have joined some kind of cult

The core four going on vacation for Labor Day means that their friendships and bond will be stronger this season — which we are 100% here for. Last season the core four had some tension, but it looks like all of that has been resolved.

Actress Lili Reinhart did confirm on the panel that a three-month time jump will take place in the season premiere. Betty will have spent her summer doing an internship and avoiding her sister and mother’s new-found spirituality. Speaking of spirituality, what’s going on with Alice and Polly?

During the Season 2 finale, Polly told Alice about a “man that helped her on the farm.” According to PopBuzz, this man is cult leader Edgar Evernever. Edgar has yet to be cast, but his character’s influence can be clearly seen as Polly and Alice dedicate the twins around the fire.

Foes, Flashbacks and A New Musical

The panel also confirmed three fan-favorite theories:

  • We will be getting a flashback episode of the Riverdale parents
  • We will be getting another musical episode
  • Archie will be on trial

Kevin Keller, get your playbills out because it’s time to pick your new musical! Kevin’s first musical, Carrie, was a disaster that ended in the death of Ethel Muggs. Hopefully no murder or mayhem will take place during his next musical which will take place in Season 3.

Also, the Riverdale parents who we know and love will be featured in a flashback episode. Will we see Fred and FP in their band? Will we see Alice and FP’s Serpent trist? We must see all the things!

Also, the panel confirmed that Archie will be on trial. Archie will have to face-off against actress Penelope Ann Miller, who was just cast as prosecuting district attorney Ms. Wright.

That’s all we have for new footage, so far. However, we should be getting more news from the show as filming resumes all summer.

Riverdale Season 3 returns to The CW on October 10, 2018 and worldwide on Netflix.

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