5 of the Craziest Moments from the ‘Scandal’ Series Finale

Yael Tygiel

SPOILER ALERT: This post contains spoilers from the Scandal series finale, “Over a Cliff.” Proceed with caution.

Scandal’s series finale started off with a bang! Lonnie Mencken (Michael O’Neill) took his own life to ensure a committee investigated B613; this bold act also to ensured that President Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young) would do something about gun control. Things just kept exploding from there!

While many of our fan questions were answered, such as Mellie rekindling her flame with Marcus (Cornelius Smith Jr.), who seems to be part of her team now, the episode was bursting with hilarious, touching, and a couple of WTF moments. These are just a few of the best:

RIP David


Jake Ballard (Scott Foley) re-lived his greatest hits (see what we did there) by threatening David Rosen (Joshua Malina) and preparing to kill him the same way he murdered James Novak back in Season 3. But Rosen has grown over the years and stood up to his would-be assassin, not only calling him a “bitch”, but also affecting Jake enough to stand up for himself. Sadly, this led to Cyrus (Jeff Perry) finally doing the dirty work himself and murdering our beloved good guy, Rosen.

RIP to Scandal‘s OG white hat.

Unexpected Faces

Scandal Series Finale Sally Langston Hollis Doyle

During the testimony, a few familiar faces popped up, including Hollis Doyle (Gregg Henry), who was his usual charming self, and former Secret Service Agent Tom Larson (Brian Letscher). But they weren’t the only unexpected faces, Senator Reston (Tom Amandes) was leading the hearings, and for some reason Sally Langston’s (Kate Burton) show is apparently still on the air.

If only her audience knew her true colors.

Wedding Bells

Scandal Series Finale Quinn

Meant to be a touching scene, Charlie’s (George Newbern) assumption that he was being executed really added to the humor of this already quite hilarious episode. As did the revelation of his legal name: Bernard. With only ten minutes of visitation, Huck (Guillermo Diaz) performed the wedding we’d been waiting for all season long. The ceremony was beautiful and fitting for this couple, as were Quinn’s (Katie Lowes) hilariously accurate vows.

See? There is life after B613.

Daddy Pope to the Rescue

Scandal Series Finale Eli Pope

For most of the episode, Eli Pope (Joe Morton) was running scared — which felt very out of character for him — he’s not one to give up and get out. But of course, that all changed when Eli — sorry, Rowan — testified. He not only explained the name confusion, he also broke down the origin, and necessity, of his secret spy organization B613. But that wasn’t all, he then Commanded his way out of taking responsibility and even gave the committee a fall guy.

Let’s be honest, it’s exactly what we expected Daddy Pope to do.

Scott Free

Scandal Series Finale Group

This leads us to the biggest WTF moment of all: Not one of the Gladiators went to jail! In fact, Jake was taken into custody and sent to prison in the corn belt. Charlie was then released and the entire team was spared. THE ENTIRE TEAM. Twitter had some funny things to say about this turn of events:

For a series finale, the show did a lot of things right to tie up loose ends and give us a memorable conclusion. Were there a few new questions? Yes (seriously what’s with the painting of Olivia?). Although sadly not everyone survived, most who did ended up just where they belong.

And yes, Olivia and Fitz ended up together. FINALLY.

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