‘Star Wars Battlefront II’: Who Is Inferno Squad?

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After the destruction of the first Death Star, an elite special forces squad was formed to make sure that never happened again. “Inferno Squad” would go on to consist of the best of the best the Empire had to offer. From Seyn Marana to Iden Versio, Star Wars Battlefront II revolves around this elite team.

Not only are they skilled and ambitious, they’re true believers. Our perspective has always shown the Empire to be clearly evil. Sinister music plays when Darth Vader enters a scene, and we’re privy to the highest levels of cynical politicking.

But to them, it’s a story of order vs chaos. Like most of us would, they choose order.

So who are the members of Inferno Squad?

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Agent Seyn Marana

When you think of the Empire’s “best of the best”, it’s hard to go past Seyn Marana. Her eidetic memory has given her an advantage others simply can’t train towards. Learning languages is far easier for her, and she’ll never forget a face — or an access code.

Speaking of codes, she also has the ideal mind for a cryptologist. Her superior officer described her as a master in this field.

Last not definitely not least, Marana can bullseye enemies from five kilometres (or 3.1 miles) away.

She was recruited into the squad after the Battle of Yavin.

Star Wars Battlefront II Inferno Squad Seyn Marana
Seyn Marana spoke 29 languages and could read and write 7 more.

Admiral Garrick Versio

The commanding officer of Inferno Squad, this is where the orders come from.

Early on in the Battlefront II campaign, it’s made clear that Garrick Versio puts his loyalty to the Empire above almost everything else. If there are morally questionable orders, he’ll see them as just that: Orders. He’s the type to make small sacrifices for what he deems the greater good, without pause.

His daughter, on the other hand, has a hidden antiauthoritarian streak…

Commander Iden Versio

Because everyone important has to be related to someone important in the Star Wars universe, Iden Versio is the daughter of her commanding officer. Much effort is spent explaining how she wasn’t given any special treatment, however. Both Battlefront II and the Inferno Squad novel stress the point that if anything, Iden had to go through a more rigorous career path than anyone, lest Garrick Versio be accused of nepotism.

Iden Versio is the protagonist of Battlefront II’s singleplayer campaign. You see the Empire through her eyes, as the game briefly attempts to paint the galaxy’s main conflict as one between two coherent ideologies, as opposed to a simple story of good vs evil. As our review notes, this attempt at moral complexity is all too brief. It’s hard to get more black and white than the dark side and light.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Inferno Squad Gideon Hask Iden Versio
Gideon Hask walks with Iden Versio

Agent Gideon Hask

The second in command of Inferno Squad, Gideon Hask is quickly set up as the hyper-ambitious sort. It’s well out in the open that he wants to be the squad’s leader. To his credit, he knows Iden got to that position based on merit, and he’s willing to topple her on the basis of merit.

Gideon was trained at the Imperial academy on Coruscant (we all know how that ends). He was present for Inferno Squad’s first mission, which was to infiltrate and destroy the Dreamers — surviving members of the group of extremists led by Saw Gerrera that we see in Rogue One.

Star Wars Battlefront II Inferno Squad Del Meeko
Del Meeko was not always this cleanshaven

Agent Del Meeko

A wonder with all things mechanical, Del Meeko worked his way up from Stormtrooper to Shoretrooper, then TIE Fighter pilot, and later the chief engineer of the star destroyer Implacable. He’s known for being talented at whatever he tries, but especially so when it comes to repairs.

He personally modifies the ID10 Seeker Droid that players use in the Battlefront II prologue to infiltrate a Rebel ship.

SPOILER ALERT: Warning, the below content contains spoilers from Battlefront II and/or the Inferno Squad novel. Proceed at your own risk.

The Fate of Inferno Squad

There are four years between the formation of Inferno Squad and the beginning of Battlefront II. But not all members make it to the Battle of Endor.

Seyn Marana’s time in Inferno Squad was short-lived. Despite her brilliance, she was killed in the squad’s first mission: To destroy the Dreamers.

After the death of the Emperor during the Battle of Endor, Operation: Cinder was put into effect. It involved scorched earth tactics that would result in large populations being wiped out. While Garrick Versio was clearly fine with the orders, it was enough to cause Iden Versio and Del Meeko to go rogue and eventually fully defect to the New Republic.

Gallius Rax intended to use the Battle of Jakku to give rise to a better, stronger Empire.

Now fighting for the other side, Iden shot down Hask in the Battle of Jakku. The battle spells the end of the Empire as we know it.

Iden and Del Meeko become romantically involved, and eventually have a daughter. Meeko lives a peaceful life for a while transporting cargo for a living, before being captured by the First Order.

He is interrogated by Kylo Ren about the pieces of the galactic map that might lead to Luke Skywalker, and is confronted by a very-much-alive Gideon Hask. After being warned not to chase after Iden Versio, Hask kills his former squadmate.

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