Ubisoft has Just Teased a New Far Cry Game

Tom Regan
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Each year, Geoff Keighley’s Game Awards gets bigger and bigger. Starting life as a fairly awkward pre-recorded affair, it’s now grown into a massive live event – and with it comes not only recognition for already-released games, but sneak peaks at a few brand new ones, too.  This year, it looks like viewers will be treated to the reveal of a brand new Far Cry experience.

Hot on the heels of February’s dark, cult-starring Far Cry 5, a surprise video has appeared on Ubisoft’s social channels, revealing a glimpse of a brand new Far Cry adventure. While the title currently has no name, this tantalising trailer teases a new, surprisingly luscious-looking locale for players to explore.

The trailer begins by showing  a mysterious young woman roaming a brightly coloured, overgrown landscape, punctuated by streaks of striking yellow and purple flora. Clutching what looks like a make-shift, saw-slinging crossbow, the sullen protagonist appears to be roaming around an incredibly cheery and picturesque post-apocalyptic landscape.

A new numbered Far Cry, or standalone spin-off?

Given the short time span between this tease and Far Cry 5, it’s fairly unlikely that this title will be a full-fat Far Cry experience. Still, that doesn’t mean that this will necessarily be a meagre experience. With Ubisoft already releasing series spin-offs like Primal and Blood Dragon, it’s fair to assume that this mysterious new title will be more in line with one of those. If you take a closer look at the trailer, you may notice that in the first frame we see the dropping of a nuclear bomb just in the background, with a familiar-looking Montana-esque barn and a US flag next to it. Does this mean the new game could be set in a post-nuked version of Far Cry 5’s Hope County?

So far, that remains unclear, but luckily – we don’t have long to find out. Ubisoft has confirmed that more will be revealed at The Game Awards, which takes place on December 6thin the U.S and painfully early on December 7thin Europe. And with the show’s composer confirming that ten new games will be revealed during the event — and with Nintendo also coyly tweeting about the Awards — it’s certainly shaping up to be a show that gamers won’t want to miss.

Tom Regan
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