EXCLUSIVE: Voltron Paladins Panic in ‘Legendary Defender’ Season 7 Clip

Chrissie Miille
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Season 7 of Voltron: Legendary Defender is almost here, and all we can say is: buckle up for an epic space road trip.

At the end of Season 6, Allura saved the original Shiro by putting his spirit into his dead clone’s body. Team Voltron also gained some new members, namely Romelle, Krolia, and Keith’s cosmic wolf.

In Season 7, the team begins its trek back to Earth, which will take some time since the lions are low on energy and they don’t have the Castle of Lions to wormhole there. Very quickly, they learn an important lesson: do not let Lance decide how to split up the passengers. As powerful as Voltron is, there are just some scenarios even the big guy shouldn’t have to suffer.

As seen in the exclusive clip above, the road trip turns to chaos as the Paladins deal with their passengers and patience wears thin. Allura must deal with Keith’s wolf using the Blue Lion’s cargo hold as a chew toy. Meanwhile in the Red Lion, Romelle’s curiosity for all the buttons drives Lance crazy. Hunk seems to be having a good time with the space mice, but his need to share their adorableness adds to the hectic noise. And in the Black Lion, well…let’s just say Shiro nears the level of frustration he felt because of Slav back in Season 2. With Keith, Krolia, Coran, and Shiro all stuffed in the Black Lion, Coran singing the Altean alphabet is the last thing they need.

Voltron Legendary Defender Season 7
'A supply of quintessence to anyone who can memorize the Altean alphabet!'

Fortunately, the situation gets sorted out when they realize that there’s no one in Pidge’s lion and they give her all the nuisances. But as hilarious as the clip is, it hints at the darker storylines yet to come. Due to some time disparities, the landscape and power divisions of the Voltron universe have changed quite a bit. The team’s resolve will be tested repeatedly as they make their way home to Earth and even more once there. There will be tears and heartbreak, but Team Voltron will discover new aspects about themselves and their lions that will strengthen their bond like never before.

Get ready for the wild ride when Season 7 of Voltron comes to Netflix this Friday, August 10.

Chrissie Miille
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