Weird Wednesday: ‘The Norwood Suite’ is Basically a ‘Twin Peaks’ Video Game

Jack DeVries
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Steam is full of strange, bizarre, cerebral and sometimes existentially terrifying indie games. It’s a cornucopia of weird geniuses making interactive art and we can’t get enough of it. In our quest for strange and interesting games we’ve stumbled upon The Norwood Suite a quirky game about a hotel, and all the weirdos who stay and work in it. If Twin Peaks had a video game it’d probably look something like this.


What’s The Norwood Suite?

In 1983, Peter Norwood, one of the world’s most celebrated pianists and composers, mysteriously vanished. His private mansion was turned into the Hotel Norwood, which, over the years, accumulated its own share of notoriety. But the mystery of what really went on during Norwood’s time never truly got uncovered… until now.

The Norwood Suite is a first-person adventure game that takes players to the secluded Hotel Norwood on a simple friendly errand that quickly unfolds into something much more involved. Filled with bizarre characters and curiosities, this mysterious resort is a dense, open-ended world teeming with hidden passages and secrets to discover.

Peer into the lives of the hotel’s guests and staff, explore and interact with surprises behind every door, and piece together a jigsaw narrative that rewards your curiosity. The Norwood Suite features surreal art design, as well as an original atmospheric musical score, composed by Cosmo D, that integrates itself directly into the game world.

Jack DeVries
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