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After what feels like an age, Before The Storm‘s anticipated conclusion is finally within reach. With Deck Nine dropping some serious bombs at the end of the last episode, the game’s third and final chapter has finally been given a release date — December 20th. Eager to find out what happens to Chloe and co next, we paid a visit to Square Enix and got our hands on episode 3 a week early.

With episode 3’s opening being pretty-spoiler heavy, Square Enix decided to skip the first section and instead let us share footage of the game’s heartfelt second scene, giving players a taste of what happened in the aftermath of episode two.

If you want to experience the whole game fresh, look away now. But for those after a brief taste of the juicy drama that awaits Life Is Strange fans next week,  you can check out the emotionally charged scene in its full glory above.

Life Is Strange Before The Storm Episode 3
As expected, there are a ton of new outfit choices for Chloe. It's time to make her look hella cool.

From what we’ve played so far, episode three looks set to deliver the same kind of wonderfully engrossing teen-drama as its predecessors. Unsurprisingly, this brief demo once again boasted a brilliantly atmospheric soundtrack, cleverly thought-out objects littered around the environment and of course, the series’ typically earnest dialogue.

This thirty-minute snippet covers everything from how Rachel copes with a difficult revelation to Chloe’s heart-wrenching struggle to accept her dad’s death. So far, it looks like Before The Storm‘s conclusion certainly has the right ingredients to make this a tense but satisfying final episode.

With Chloe’s frustration at the world seemingly reaching its limit, we can’t wait to see how developer Deck Nine manages to wrap up this intriguing prequel.

Life Is Strange Before The Storm Episode 3
Chloe's eerie dream sequences make a welcome return in episode 3.

In another bit of Life Is Strange related news, Square Enix has announced that Before The Storm will be getting a bonus episode early next year, featuring the return of the original game’s protagonist, Max Caulfield. If that wasn’t exciting enough, the original voice actor for Chloe — Ashly Burch — will be reprising her role in the upcoming episode too, after a lengthy voice-actor strike saw her abandon the character.

Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Episode 3 launches on December 20th on PS4, PC and Xbox One.

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