8 Fan Favorite LGBTQ Ships on Television

Yael Tygiel

In honor of Pride month, we’ve put together a list of our favorite television ships. From Waverly Earp and Nicole Haught on SYFY’s gunslinging demon-hunting Western series Wynonna Earp, to our favorite high school Glee couple Kurt and Blaine, here are eight fan favorite LGBTQ ships that are well loved by TV fans.

Waverly & Nicole: “WayHaught” Wynonna Earp

This newly bloomed ship is heading into a 3rd season and their bond is stronger than ever. When Officer Nicole Haught walked into Shorty’s, throwing Waverly into a tizzy, the adorable tension between them was palpable. And that was just their first time on-screen together! Through the first two seasons of Wynonna Earp, fans have watched the development of a strong relationship based in trust, respect, and communication. Earpers are eager to see them ride again in Season 3, July 20th on SYFY.

Magnus & Alec: “Malec” Shadowhunters

There’s something about the chemistry between Magnus and Alec that has captured Shadowhunter fans. Their chemistry makes Malec one of the strongest ships on TV. The concept of a hundred year old bisexual Warlock and his only recently out-of-the-closet, generally inexperienced, Shadowhunter boyfriend may be quite difficult to wrap your mind around, but Malec quickly reveals the importance of communication between partners and respecting each other’s pace. I mean, after a couple thousand partners, Magnus should be an expert at patience. Malec is a love for the ages.

 Willow & Tara: “Twillow” Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Anyone alive in the ‘90s remembers Buffy, The Vampire Slayer, but not everyone may remember that Buffy included one of the first lesbian ships on TV in a series aimed at a teenage audience. Willow was a staple in Sunnydale from the very beginning, but when Tara arrived in Season 4, everything changed for her. While the “Bury Your Gays” trope was very much in effect — Tara died from a stray bullet (sound familiar?) — their love was groundbreaking at the time.

Kurt & Blaine: “Klaine” Glee

In a post-Will & Grace world (the first time), Glee sprung onto the scene with serious storylines dripping in music and comedy. At the heart of Mr. Shuester’s Glee club was the sassy and stylist Kurt Hummel, who eventually fell in love Blaine Anderson, from the rival school glee club, the Warblers… it was like Romeo & Juliet, but Blaine eventually switched schools and neither of them died. After High School, and a brief stint in New York, Kurt returned to their hometown and Klaine tied the knot. *sigh* True love.

Clarke & Lexa: “Clexa” The 100

Like Twillow, Clarke and Lexa may be one of the most heartbreaking ships, as well as one of the most impactful. While both women were strong leaders on The 100, their connection felt all the more extraordinary because together they could be vulnerable. After Lexa’s unnecessary and devastating death, TV creators shifted how they approached queer relationships. While that doesn’t change the past, the outrage sparked by Lexa’s death will go down in history books, just as their love should as well.

Sara & Ava: “Avalance” DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

Sara Lance has had her ups and downs in relationships, but when she met Ava, it felt meant to be. Ava’s perfect mixture of smart, strong, and sexy mirrors Sara’s own traits. Both women are leaders, skilled fighters, and live by a moral code. Their relationship on Legends of Tomorrow is just getting started, and many fans can’t wait to see where it leads. In fact, there’s a lot the other Arrowverse ships can learn from Avalance.

Elena & Syd: “Sylena” One Day at a Time

Netflix’s One Day a Time doesn’t shy away from tackling issues and bringing discussions to the table, so the introduction of a non-binary character named Syd was on-brand and welcome. The characters in the series did not question Syd for using They/Them pronouns, but instead treated them as any other character — a love interest for the newly out Elena. After quite a few awkward moments (oh, adolescence, how we don’t miss you), Syd & Elena’s relationship solidified and they went to Elena’s prom together.

Anissa & Grace: “Thundergrace”  Black Lightning

Although this ship has barely begun, Anissa and Grace are destined for great things and a long-lasting love, according to the comics. Anissa’s journey of self-discovery on Black Lightning skipped over the obligatory coming out story (because she’s already out) and instead followed her as she discovers her powers. In Season 1, Anissa came to terms with being a superhero and a modern day activist. Along the way Anissa encountered the comic-book reading Grace Choi, who seems to be committed to Anissa for the long haul. Hopefully we’ll get to see their love grow in Season 2 and beyond.

Yael Tygiel
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