‘Strange Brigade’ Gameplay Trailer Shows New Modes and Powers

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We now know a little more about Strange Brigade, thanks to the above trailer. Set to release on October 28th on PC, Xbox One, and PS4, if you were looking forward to the four-player co-op campaign, then there’s a little extra content to get you even more jazzed.

The trailer mentions a classic horde mode, which seems like a great fit for Strange Brigade. Kind of like Left 4 Dead meets The Mummy. Taking the humour of Brendan Fraser’s The Mummy with the villain of the more recent The Mummy. Why did they remake that anyway? *ahem* Moving on.

Game modes Strange Brigade campaign horde score attack
Two new game modes will give Strange Brigade some longevity.

A score attack will be present as well, so you can test your ability to combo takedowns against intriguing ancient Egypt-themed undead enemies in a limited time.

As for who you’ll be controlling:

  • Nalangu Rushida – Fast moving and able to perform a “vampire strike,” this demon-hunter comes with an SMG and pistol, as well as an interesting-looking spiky grenade. Nalangu is capable of draining the life of her enemies — even if they’re undead, apparently.
  • Gracie Braithwaite – It appears Gracie is the short-range specialist of the bunch. Between her shotgun and her right punch, she’s well-equipped for close quarters combat. She also has “fast explosives,” suggesting she’ll be the one to save you when you get swarmed.
  • Professor Archimedes de Quincey – The explorer of the bunch, you’ll rely on Archimedes to find you secrets. He can open ancient alcoves and gather energy from a wider radius of enemies.
  • Frank Fairburne – Your quintessential sharpshooter, not to be confused with a weak sniper. Frank the Tank has a hidden headshot ability up his sleeve to go with his sticks of dynamite.

The customisable superpowers are wielded by everyone, it looks like — thanks to the help of “ancient artifact thingamajiggers.”

Fire breathing mummy Strange Brigade tomb crypt
There looks to be a large variety of enemies, with interesting combinations thrown at players.

We had a brief look at Strange Brigade gameplay before and liked the way it felt. Of course, much of your experience will come down to the people you play with. But its tendency to put eight enemies on you at once gave the feeling of being swarmed, while building in many ways for teammates to save you.

It’s sounding very much like the Left 4 Dead formula with a lot of added customisability. And for those who are tired of zombies, it’s a welcome option.

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