Is Anya Taylor-Joy Gearing Up to Play Furiosa in Her Origin Story?
The Loop puts the pedal to the metal to take you through all the shiny and chrome new details and mad machinations behind the 'Mad Max' prequel.
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Food in Video Games: The Best and Worst
We're digging in to the most delicious (and disgusting) video game meals!
Bailey Meyers
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Does ‘Spiral' Have the Sickest 'Saw' Trap Yet?
Darren Lynn Bousman and Spiral cast talk favourite 'Saw' traps, maintaining a high level of secrecy on set, and why Sam Jackson joined the franchise.
Kim Taylor-Foster
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Honest Game Trailers | The World Ends With You
This week, 'TWEWY' gets the Honest Game Trailers treatment!
Fandom Staff
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5 Signs You’re Watching a ‘Saw’ Movie
With 'Spiral: From the Book of Saw' here, we look back at some of the franchise's most notable twists and turns.
Matt Fowler
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