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The Ultimate Race of the Speedsters 
How does Sonic fare against other pop culture speedsters like Dash, Quicksilver, The Flash, and more? We examine the evidence to find out.
AB Gray
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'Mega Man Zero' Will Buster Your Will to Live
Honest Game Trailers busters through the spin-off to a spin-off that makes its predecessor look like 'Mighty No. 9'
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Honest Trailers Releases the Snyder Cut
Zack Snyder's mythic cut of 'Justice League' fixes every plot hole in the theatrical release by having all of the possible plots at once.
Meredith Paul
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There’s Never Been a Better Time for Gaming Nostalgia
With the real world becoming an unfamiliar place, 'Final Fantasy VII Remake' and 'Resident Evil 3' are giving us the dose of comfort we sorely need.
Tom Regan
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A Day in the Life of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Foot Clan
As 1990's 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' movie celebrates its 30th anniversary, we look at life for the Foot Clan's ranks of teen thieves and Ninjas.
Eric Goldman
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Tegridy Wins with ‘South Park: The Complete 23rd Season’ on DVD/Blu-ray
Fandom has the exclusive info on the upcoming 'South Park' release, as the series hit a milestone with its 300th episode.
Matt Fowler
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‘Doctor Who’ Spin-Offs We Want To See
From catching up with Carey Mulligan's Sally Sparrow to exploring the Slitheen in Cardiff, these stories are ripe for a revisit.
Moray Laing
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Ahsoka and 'The Mandalorian' Join Forces
The Loop has the full scoop on Rosario Dawson's casting in the role, and which animated Star Wars characters might make their way to live-action next.
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