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‘Death Stranding’ Is a Beautiful, Exhausting Slog That’s Hard to Put Down
As video games grow up and dare to offer more than just fun, Kojima’s latest suggests that sometimes, making a real connection is worth the struggle.
Tom Regan
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Who Is the Ultimate Disney Villain?
With 'Maleficent' 2 hitting screens, we compare scariness, songs, sass, and fan votes to determine the Disney villain GOAT.
Sophie Hart
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Who's the Strongest Cold-Powered Character? ❄️
Power Levels breaks down who's more powerful between Frozone and Elsa. 
Meredith Paul
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'Hobbs & Shaw' Takes the Ridiculous Fast & Furious Franchise Up a Notch
If you want to dominate the box office, just do a Marvel movie.
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'Red Dead Redemption 2' Is an Insanely Accurate Spaghetti Western Experience
Honest Game Trailers takes you on a wild ride tedious task after another. Luckily, we all know we're just in it to do dumb s--t.
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Who Wins a Pokémon Tournament If Other Game Characters Fight?
We asked our communities to choose which gaming characters they would have in their Pokéballs, and simulated the resulting tournament. 
Hope Corrigan
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My Living Pokédex: One Man’s Quest to Catch ‘Em All
Here are the lengths one fan will go to in order to truly catch 'em all in 'Pokémon GO'.
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The Life and Crimes of Saw Gerrera
When a rebel has nothing left to lose.
James Cottee
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