15 TV Finales From 2018: Worth Coming Back for More?

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SPOILER ALERT: Warning, this article contains mild spoilers for TV Finales from 2018. Proceed at your own risk.

With more TV shows than ever gracing our screens, it’s hard to watch so many of them, or even know which ones to watch at all. As TV Experts we consume more media than your average viewers (likely more than anyone should in their lifetime), allowing us to provide you with a list of 15 finales from the first half of 2018. Allow us to help you decide which shows you should revisit in the Fall.

1. Black Lightning Season 1

What a way to wrap up the first season of Black Lightning! In just 13 episodes we barely got to know these characters, yet we are fully invested in their story. The first season wrapped up with a big shoot out, superhuman power fights, and a whole lot of answers, which only made us love the Pierce family — and uncle Gamby — more.

Should You Keep Watching?

Are you kidding? This journey has just begun, so buckle in for the long haul. You should look forward to exploring Jennifer’s struggles, watching Anissa’s relationship with Grace bloom, and seeing how Jefferson handles teaming up with his super daughters.

2. The Good Place Season 2

Knowing they couldn’t pull the same type of twist as Season 1, The Good Place stepped up to the challenge and gave viewers a whole new and exciting twist. After a journey into the bad place to prove their new goodness, the decision to return our favorite four to the world of the living was not only smart narratively, but a fun way to reset our characters and explore how much they’ve really changed.

Should You Keep Watching?

So far, The Good Place had not one, but two, great and entertaining seasons, both filled with clever and engaging twists. You should plan to stay on this train.

3. Timeless Season 2 (Series Finale)

Timeless ’ post-cancellation renewal seemed to have inspired the writers to really do what the show does best.The action-packed season finale had viewers holding their breaths as Emma, along with Wyatt’s formerly dead wife Jessica, usurped the Rittenhouse mission and killed both Lucy’s mother and grand-father. Rufus also ignored Jiya’s instructions to leave her in late 1800’s San Francisco, which tragically led to his death. Lucy and Wyatt were forced to leave Rufus dead, until their future selves appeared to save him. Confused? Good!

Should You Keep Watching?

With such a crazy ending, we’re not sure how NBC could cancel this show (again). It’s downright astonishing. If the rumors of a 2-hour movie prove to be true, count us in! We recommend you come along too.

4. Arrow Season 6

Team Arrow

After Arrow ‘s lackluster sixth season, we were eager for the finale to tie it all together and wrap up the convoluted Diaz storyline. Yet, when it came to the last episode of the season some viewers felt let down. We lost fan-favorite Arrowverse dad Quentin Lance, Diaz escaped, and our hero made a deal with the FBI that landed him in jail. Confused by Oliver’s behavior, many of us ended the season shouting one question at the TV: “WHAT?”

Should You Keep Watching?

Only if you want to see Oliver face off against all the men he put in prison as the Green Arrow.

5. The Big Bang Theory Season 11

For #Shamy shippers, the eventual wedding between Sheldon & Amy was like a far-fetched dream. But as the day drew nearer, some questioned if we’d ever get to see the actual wedding ceremony would take place on The Big Bang Theory. Aside from all the fun guest stars and cameos (like Mark Hamill!), it was amusing to see Sheldon and Amy work on a science project the moments before their wedding took place. This was more than just a cute nod to their proclivities, but also a reminder of their compatibility.

Should You Keep Watching?

Sheldon’s progression over 11 seasons, as well as the rest of the gang’s slow evolution into maturity, is reason enough to return. The pop culture nods and nerd references are also fun and why we love this show so much.

6. The Flash Season 5

With a season of ups and downs, The Flash finale was a thrilling adventure that had us on the edge of our seats. DeVoe had been a solid villain all season long – always a step ahead of Team Flash and seemingly unbeatable – so many of us were eager to see him defeated. And, in the final moments of an already satisfying finale, Nora Allen appeared from the future. Her arrival was perfect. Many fans had been waiting all season to know for sure which house was in fact “bitchin’.”

Should You Keep Watching?

If Barry and Iris’ daughter from the future isn’t enough to keep you interested, maybe stick around to find out if Killer Frost will get her powers back.

7. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 3

Over three seasons of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Rebecca Bunch and Co. have gotten crazier, embraced the silliness of the show, and allowed the series to even get quite meta. In the third season finale Rebecca pled guilty to attempted murder and ended up behind bars. Not to belittle mental illness, but everyone on the show went a little “crazy” this season – aside from Valencia who seems to have found her calling, both professionally and in love.

Should You Keep Watching?

It’s not often that a musical comedy addresses serious matters in an entertaining and educational way. Over the years we’ve learned a lot and became invested in these characters. You might as well find out how things wrap up in the fourth and final season.

8. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 3

After a first shaky season, and a fantastic Season 2, it feels like DC’s Legends of Tomorrow finally embraced their silliness in Season 3 and went wild. Season 3 gave us an E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial-inspired story, former U.S. President Barak Obama, pirates, Vikings, clones, magic, and even a time loop episode. At this point, the team has definitely found their rhythm, allowing their adventures to draw you in while also keeping you laughing. Although the Damien Darhk stuff was not everyone’s favorite, it’s easy to appreciate that his villainy opened the door to Constantine, and of course the perfect season closer with the Beebo fight.

Should You Keep Watching?

With the addition of Constantine to the Wave Rider and Ava Sharpe being upped to a series regular, you shouldn’t miss it!

9. iZombie Season 4

Season 4 diverged from the iZombie procedural handbook a bit, allowing character growth across the board, culminating in everyone ending up where they should be. In a season finale that could have doubled as a series finale it felt perfectly satisfactory. We are pleased with how well iZombie has progressed over the years.

Should You Keep Watching?

Of course you should come back for the final season. If you’ve been here from the beginning, don’t give up now. And with how things were wrapped up, we’re incredibly interested to see where they actually go from here.

10. The Gifted Season 1

The Gifted had a strong first season by building a solid foundation, creating a grounded world, and giving our characters not only stakes but also hopes and dreams. In addition to telling a story about mutants, The Gifted invested in telling a story of allies — in the form of parents Reed and Kate Strucker. The finale felt genuine and true to the characters as they had been presented to us.

Should You Keep Watching?

Yes! When the Frost triplets and Hellfire Club were introduced we worried they’d be a “story of the week”, but as they’ve been sewn into the fabric of this show – with Lorna even choosing their side – we’ll spend the entire summer looking forward to next season.

11. 13 Reasons Why Season 2

Compared to the first season of 13 Reasons Why , the second season of this Netflix drama series didn’t keep us as engaged oreager to know what exactly happened. In fact, a lot of the season had us wondering who people were and trying to remember what they did to Hannah Baker. By the end of the second season finale we were no longer crying for Hannah Baker, we were crying because we just wanted this incredibly dramatic High School show to end.

Should you keep watching?

Based on the closure given to Hannah and Jessica, and the anticlimactic actions of Tyler at the school dance, we’re hesitant to return for another season.

12. The Magicians Season 3

Goddesses, fairies, and a child-like monster! What more could you ask for in the most bananas show about magic on TV?! The season finale of The Magicians sent our heroes on a quest to get magic back, bringing the characters together again and allowing us to witness their growth over the last three seasons. Season 3 also gave us a richer understanding of Fillary, the Library, and the underworld. With such a complex universe, The Magicians is one of the greatest Fantasy series on television.

 Should You Keep Watching?

Ending a season with everyone separated and having no memory of who they really are, is a sure fire way to keep audiences hooked. When will their paths cross? Who will be the first to remember? Season 4 can’t come fast enough!

13. Supergirl Season 3

This season of Supergirl was not doing it for everyone. The slow burn of Reign was appreciated, but the even slower resolution of her story resulted in disappointment. In the end, the return of Kara’s mom just added to the previously-believed-dead count of the show, which has become an overplayed trope. Mon-El’s original exit was impactful – on the characters and the audience – but his return and subsequent exit again in the finale lessened his significance.

Should You Keep Watching?

Based on the inclusion of the Legion of Super-Heroes, we’re now itching for that spinoff series. As for Supergirl and her team, come back to see what this Siberia/Dark Supergirl business is all about, but you’re under no obligation to stick around.

14. Riverdale Season 2

A struggling sophomore season, Riverdale’s finale finished out the Black Hood mystery once and for all, indoctrinated pretty much everyone in to the Serpents – even Cheryl got her red jacket – and set up next season’s drama as Archie was arrested for killing Cassidy (who was actually killed by Andre).

Should You Keep Watching?

We’ve nearly lost all interest in the Hiram & Hermoine Lodge political drama, but with ships like Cheryl & Toni AKA #Choni, #Bughead, #Falice, and #Varchie, it might be interesting to come back to see where their love takes them in Season 3. Also, we gotta free Archie!

15. Scandal Season 6 (Series Finale)

What a series finale! It was full of Crazy moments: Papa Pope took care of everything, Jake got his just desserts, and #Olitz ended up together. What more could we ask for? Honestly, for a show that lost its way a bit (Olivia as Command and letting Quinn die? C’mon), they definitely brought the show back to where it needed to be in the end. B613 was exposed followed by an explanation of necessity. It felt just so Scandal .

Should You Keep Watching?

Since this was a series finale, we doubt we’ll these Gladiators again. Unless, of course, they show up on another Shondaland crossover episode.

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